Watched classic old 80′s space movie Battle Beyond the Stars last night, really enjoyed it – I remember being quite scared by it in the cinema back in the day!

Anyho0.. whilst watching it I had a wee titter to myself at the improbable sight of the baddy pilots mashing a keyboard to shoot at our heroes – but they reminded me of the rather hip Daft Punk… so I felt a need to do a wee video mashup :)







or for those who cant view the link above:


Since we’re talking retro.. its a great film, quite unique in its look, whilst also being a nice alternative future sci-fi rip off of “The Magnificent Seven” – which shares a star in the form of Robert Vaughn, apparently playing the same essential character lol

Music is notable also, as it was an early James Horner (Aliens, Avatar, Braveheart) – and sounds like he was auditioning to replace Jerry Goldsmith for the next Star Trek movie… which he DID lol.  At times the soundtrack mimics the awesome first Star Trek film score, almost note for note :)  But it just adds to the nostalgia.

Also notable is the spaceship designs in the film, ranging from the usual HUGE star wars affair… to .. well…  the heroic womb+ovaries of the lead ship! 0.o