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So,  a thing I’ve been doing for a few of the BBKB shows and my podcast, is reproducing Amiga (or PC) tracker mods with processing and effects.  Sometimes I manage this ok, sometimes I go a bit overboard as is the case in the most recent one (Towards Immortality)

It’s a personal thing, I just like to give the mods breathing room acoustically, especially in the case of 4-channel melodic mods.

So!  Here’s the tunes I’ve done so far :)


Elfmania (Suite – arranged by me)

Terramarque / Renegade Software – music by Heatbeat

Download:  Elfmania-Suite.mp3 (Right-Click > Save )


Universe (Suite – arranged by me)

Core Design – Music by Martin “Nuke” Iveson

Download:  K8-Bit-Universe-Montage.mp3 (Right-Click > Save )


Revelations (Sway)

Cryptoburners – Trixal & Vortex

Download:  Revelations-Sway.mp3 (Right-Click > Save )


Desert Dream (Part 2: C64 vs. Amiga – mashed by me)

Laxity / Fanta

Download:  C64-Amiga-Desert_Dream.mp3 (Right-Click > Save )


Towards Immortality (Absolute Inebriation endpart)

Groo / Virtual Dreams

Download:  Groo-Towards_Immortality.mp3 (Right-Click > Save )


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