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So we went to our first Comic-Con – not our first “con” per se – as only last month we were at the Tattoo Jam in Doncaster – also a first, lol.  MCM Comic-Con Scotland 2015 was an absolute blast. It was largely the marvellous Valkyrie Cosplay who convinced me to go and kitted me out appropratiately, and we were originally thinking to go to the London con, thinking the Glasgow one was going to be a bit quiet…


Well.. we got that a bit wrong… there were THOUSANDS of people there o_O



Such an AMAZING crowd too.. it was so fantastic to be amongst fellow geeks and nerds passionate about their shared interests.  What I wasn’t prepared for – despite warnings, lol – was the HUGE number of people wanting photos with Commander Shepard/Femshep.  Like.. literally.. every 10 steps.. photo…  steps… photo… I felt like a celeb :D   And whilst later I got a bit body image conscious and hated seeing any of the photos… at the time I felt great, and was so pleased to be talking to fellow Mass Effect fans.



Even those not taking photos it was often:




My day was made tho by a little girl in a Pink batgirl dress politely asking for a photo with her parents… tho it just about broke me crouching down for the photo!  Also running into the same (only) BroShep a couple of times.  Missed Miranda, despite an Illusive Man asking me to say to her that he was “looking for her” !  Also missed a Mass Effect group who were there and asked to rendezvous for a meetup.. but we never found them again.. so big and busy was the place!

We also caught up with our old pal Lisa, of   “Off with her Head Millinery”  - but only after about 2 hours of searching! :)  Lisa commented that it was quite funny to be at a Geeky con, me with my geeky tattoos… all of which were completely hidden! :)

The cosplay on display was absolutely breathtaking… too many to namecheck, just amazing.  I would say that Harley seemed to a little popular this year!  We really wished we could have done both days, but we did the con at the end of a separate holiday week, and were

1: Shattered

2: Skint! BOO!

Even Nikki who was cosplaying Futurama’s Leela and in somewhat more comfortable attire than me, was struggling… albeit our previous day’s 15km Glasgow wander did not help much!



We will TOTALLY be going again next year ! :)

I should go.

Full gallery of the (few) pics we took!



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