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Mine latest invenchion!


I was talking to a friend online the other day about the music of Tim Follin when I remembered a piece of music that wasn’t from the C64 that I *thought* was by him.  When I remembered the title eventually, I realized that in fact it was an even more unique non-c64 composition from Martin Galway, C64 musician supremo.  Martin had composed music on few other formats. Notably the Sinclair Specturm, but also the GameBoy and SNES.  One of the unlikely games that Martin collaborated with others on was Ultima: Runes of Virtue II.






The original Gameboy music:



Meanwhile, here’s my arrangement, which was inspired by a bit of Mass Effect, Blade Runner, and well..  spaceysynthiness in general :)



This being a non-C64 remix I will not be uploading to so will not have my normal captive audience :D

Retro-Cronie Kenz posed the question of “What if Galway had released the tune on the C64?” – so I created a hypothetical version of the tune :D  It takes some liberties with the C64 hardware… er… 6 SID channels anyone? ;)



A music video.. of sorts :D

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coming up today.. a remix, of a Martin Galway tune.. but not a C64 tune… :O

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I’ve started on a cover of the fantastic “You’ll never be better than Commander Shepard” Mass Effect inspired fan-song, my intention is to do a FemShep version, in a slightly different style.

In order to do this tho, I needed to reverse engineer the original song, and rebuild it using my own sequencing+instruments.

My plan is to do a slower tempo version with a more… languorous  rhythm – but in order to get the feel of things I had to re-create the original tune in my sequencer & instruments..

Here’s a preview ! \o/

You'll never be better than Commander Shepard, who is male, but only for the moment!


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Watched classic old 80′s space movie Battle Beyond the Stars last night, really enjoyed it – I remember being quite scared by it in the cinema back in the day!

Anyho0.. whilst watching it I had a wee titter to myself at the improbable sight of the baddy pilots mashing a keyboard to shoot at our heroes – but they reminded me of the rather hip Daft Punk… so I felt a need to do a wee video mashup :)







or for those who cant view the link above:


Since we’re talking retro.. its a great film, quite unique in its look, whilst also being a nice alternative future sci-fi rip off of “The Magnificent Seven” – which shares a star in the form of Robert Vaughn, apparently playing the same essential character lol

Music is notable also, as it was an early James Horner (Aliens, Avatar, Braveheart) – and sounds like he was auditioning to replace Jerry Goldsmith for the next Star Trek movie… which he DID lol.  At times the soundtrack mimics the awesome first Star Trek film score, almost note for note :)  But it just adds to the nostalgia.

Also notable is the spaceship designs in the film, ranging from the usual HUGE star wars affair… to .. well…  the heroic womb+ovaries of the lead ship! 0.o

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Courtesy of Hitch

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